The Leonard C. Roueche Family Webpage

This page is an ongoing project to promote better communication and information availablity between the offspring of Leonard C. Roueche and Ruth Lee Roueche. Eventually, information beyond Leonard (William Henry, Thomas Francis, and others) will be added in as well. Any announcements concerning the family may be communicated to other members of the family by using this page.

So, Where Did We All Come From?

The Roueche family originally came from France. Or, possibly further back, another European country, but for the sake of the argument (and for Leonard's) we came from Kaysville, Utah. That beautiful little farming community stuck between the mountains and the Great Salt Lake. Mmmmm... smell that brine!! Leonard and Ruth had a crew of boys to help them with the farming... Rayner, Doral, Marion, Ned, and Gordon. Most of us using this location of the internet will be concerned with one of these five great guys.

...and, Where Are We Going?

Well, I guess that's all up to each of us, but as far as the family as a whole, I figure this should be a great spot on this site to keep all of us updated on each other's quests. Whether you're expecting another bundle of joy (child, calf, puppies, or otherwise), preparing to graduate from school, or starting a new career, this is the place to let everyone else know how great you're doing!

Here's how to get what you need...

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